About us

The European Centre for Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry Prestige Dent is located in the very centre of Wrocław, approx. 150 m from the beautiful Market Square. There are two roofed car parks where you can conveniently leave your car: on ul. Szewska and at Galeria Dominikańska.

Oławska 9 is a stylish tenement house with modern interiors. Patients can spend time in the lounge or in the cosy green patio with a fountain.

Call us – we will take care of your smile!

Prestige Dent – what makes us stand out?

The benefit of the doubt from each Patient is the greatest appreciation of our skills. We feel obliged to make our Patients aware of the therapy and we use tools to demonstrate the course of the procedures, e.g. a professional intra-mouth camera and advanced software that visualises the possible treatment methods in an accessible and clear way.

There is no compromise when it comes to your health. We are concerned about every single detail of your smile and good mood. That is why were the first in Poland to introduce the world class system, SAP Business One, which supports coordination of key processes taking place in the clinic. It helps us collect information about appointments, remind you of your appointment date or provide history of treatment.

All technologies and equipment we use are there for you. They also help us fulfill the promise of the Guaranteed Dental Care of Prestige Dent.

We offer the best of each branch of dentistry

Following the global trends, we support nature with our work, skilfully using natural processes and their mutual effects. Our experts representing various branches of dentistry, from implantology to conservative dentistry, take advantage of the latest technical achievements. The knowledge, experience and synergy of our team guarantee excellent and long-lasting results you can always rely on.





Root canal therapy


Protective dentistry


Safe removal of amalgams




Aesthetic dentistry












Guaranteed Dental Care

We introduce a new quality in dentistry! Being convinced about the highest quality of our treatment, we are able to provide a unique Guaranteed Dental Care for our Patients.

  • Every person treated at our clinic can take advantage of guaranteed care during and after the treatment.
  • Whenever our Patient feels a discomfort or pain they can contact the dentist in charge, regardless of the time.
  • Our Patients’ sense of security is our priority. That is why our Patients are never left alone. If the dentist in charge is ill, on holiday or busy conducting a medical procedure in our clinic, you can be sure of receiving help.
  • Guaranteed Care of Prestige Dent is a commitment that obliges us to organise an appointment for the Patient as quickly as possible.
  • Entrusting your health and smile with us you can feel sure and safe.

Guaranteed Care of Prestige Dent is a new quality in dentistry. Our knowledge, experience and resources make us certain we provide the highest global standard of treatment to our Patients.

Prestige Dent. Certainty – Guarantee.

Lekarz stomatolog z modelem implantu

Advanced technologies and modern equipment

The equipment we use in our everyday work forms an indispensable component of the highest quality treatment we guarantee to our Patients.

State-of-the-art technologies help us make more accurate diagnoses, see more, provide longer lasting results and support nature in its processes. We focus on details to be sure we offer the best service. Both the equipment we use, as well as implants, instruments, filling composites and all materials are the best products available on the market.

Tomograph Planmeca

tomograf Planmeca

PLANMECA computer tomograph forms the diagnostic heart of our clinic. It assists in planning all details of an implantological procedure.

Microscope KARL KAPS

Mikroskop Karl Kaps

KARL KAPS microscope is the most accurate device used in endodonthics. It helps us conduct a root canal therapy precisely and accurately.

Software Facilitate

Model z oprogramowania Facilitate

FACILITATE software enables making 3D designs of implant-based prosthetic works, which guarantees attaining the expected aesthetic result.